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Earthen Concepts LLC in Independence, MO is your all-time source to get the kitchen you have always wanted. We have led and tackled a multitude of kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling designs. Call 816-868-4451 to explore our myriad of services in remodeling and repairs.

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Remodeling Independence MO

We at Earthen Concepts LLC in Independence, MO overcome challenges that impede us from perfecting any home remodel. If you are longing for new cabinets or a larger bathroom, hire us as your general contractor. Our company was introduced over two years ago with the purpose to provide homeowners what they need. We handle renovations and appliance repairs with an emphasis on green home design. Our green home builders encourage you to seek our remodeling services for reduced energy costs and increased performance.

We are no stranger to remodeling homes. From kitchen remodeling to bathroom remodeling, we excel tremendously in our services. As a seasoned general contractor, we have confidence knowing that every project we pursue will meet its end goal. Tackling renovations and remodeling projects of any caliber, our team of builders and designers are also proficient in appliance repair and maintenance. If you would like to learn more about our direction in green home design and how we can transform your home to be more energy-efficient while helping you whittle down costs, please reach out to us.

Contact Earthen Concepts LLC in Independence, MO if you would like to start your green home design project on the right foot. Our dedicated residential contractors are driven by their mission to fulfill your remodeling and renovation needs.

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